Parents are reminded players are involved in football for their own enjoyment.  Children should not be forced to play football: they are not playing to satisfy your ambitions.

  1. Parents/Spectators must not attempt to coach or manipulate the players while they are being coached or during a game.
  1. Parents/Spectators must not try to dictate tactics.
  1. Parents/Spectators are responsible to the club for their behaviour and must conduct themselves in an appropriate way and must not shout, argue, swear or become violent while at training sessions or on match days.
  1. Parents/Spectators must not judge players by their mistakes, but value their positive contributions.
  1. Parents should always encourage their children to play by the laws (rules).
  1. Parents should recognise the value and importance of the manager and coaches.  They volunteer their time and effort to help your child.
  1. Parents/Spectators should never ridicule or shout at the players for making a mistake.
  1. Parents/Spectators should applaud good play by your team and by members of the opposition.  
  1. Parents/Spectators should not publicly question official’s decisions and never doubt his/her honesty.
  1. Parents/Spectators should set an example by being friendly to the parents of the opposition.
  1. Parents/Spectators should encourage the child that effort and teamwork are as important as winning so that the result of each game is accepted without undue disappointment.
  1. Parents/Spectators must pay registration fees and weekly subs promptly.
  1. Parents/Spectators must not act in any way that could bring Valley Green into disrepute.
  1. Parents will be held totally responsible for any visiting relatives that may attend any of the games.
  1. Parents/Spectators must not engage in public criticism of match officials, opponents, club players, other spectators, managers, coaches or the club at any time. 
  1. Parents will respect and adhere to the FA Respect Policy.  A copy of this will be held by each Manager.